Friday, May 20, 2011

We Are All One

It is no longer simply a cliché from the rebellious ‘60s. Science is beginning to prove that, at the deepest level of existence, we are all part of the same thing. Everything that exists is created in the image and likeness of a Creator who does not exist apart from his creation. We are not APART from God. We are A PART of God. Nothing can be created that is not part of  the Creator. If this is true then the idea that God is "up there" in heaven is part of an outdated Separation Theology that serves no purpose other than to disable us. It's only an illusion that we have created by the belief systems we've adopted. Further, if everything is part of God the idea of an Enemy of God is also no more than a creation of our limited understanding - a necessary (for its time) but mythological explanation of the evil we perceive in the world.

These were the things I believed 28 years ago before I got “saved” and began trying to have faith like a Christian. It seems like the church teaches a much smaller God than I was used to then. But in order to fit in with other believers (I assumed they knew something that I didn't) I have tried to put God in a box that he is now beginning to break out of. Traditional church doctrine contradicts something too deep in my soul for me to ignore any longer.

And so I have begun the process of “outing” myself to those who are least likely to condemn me. Because of the spiritual apathy that I observe in the church I don’t  expect much feedback, but family and close friends are quick to suggest that I read the wrong kinds of books and need instead, to look to the Word of God for the truth. But I read the bible. It's a wonderful source of wisdom and guidance, and when read with the proper understanding could even be called  inerrant. The problem is we don't read it with the proper understanding. We refuse to interpret it in light of what we're learning about the nature of reality in the 21st century. God continues to reveal himself today to those who have ears to hear. And the same spirit speaks to me who spoke to the men who wrote the Word of God.  Doesn't it? And who’s Word of God are we talking about anyway? Despite what they claim, none of the world’s religions could possibly have a full and complete understanding of the nature of God, and it is becoming very dangerous for us to quarrel over the fine print of our scriptures and accuse each other of going to hell. An understanding of our one-ness in God is the only thing that will ever bring peace to the human race. I need to repeat that.

An understanding of our one-ness in God is the only thing that will ever bring peace to the human race.

If our present theologies worked, if they were functional and were producing peace on earth and goodwill to human beings, there would be no need to question them. But we live in a world of deep anger, brutal violence, terrible poverty, and unrelenting terror. If we admit that our faith in the God we believe in has not saved humanity from the brink of self-annihilation, then we may wish to entertain the possibility that we don't have a complete understanding of God after all. Further, if I truly believe that man is in need of a spiritual awakening then I have a responsibility to share what I’ve been given in order to help facilitate it. Someday soon the human race will willingly and eagerly embrace an expanded concept of God (hopefully not because of some world-wide catastrophe) and will understand that he does not care whether we are Catholic or Protestant, Jewish or Muslim, Hindu or Mormon, or have no religion at all. In fact he will not even care if we "worship" him. Why would he if there is only one of us? Unless of course we continue to believe that he is separate, living somewhere up in heaven, and needing something from us.

Religion's biggest fallacies about God:
1. God needs something from us
2. We have failed to give God what he needs
3. God has separated us from himself because we failed to give him what he needs
4. God still requires us, now from our separated position, to give him what he needs
5. God will destroy us if we do not

The world is eager to explore the latest developments in science and technology, education and medicine, psychology and cosmology. Why is it that we refuse to do the same with our spirituality?* Can there be any wonder why the church is losing it's appeal?

* I know the answer the church gives and I'll address that next time.

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