Saturday, July 28, 2012


I just read a book called The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey. His description of the Fall of Man and it's consequences is extraordinary and I have abridged it here for anyone who might never have read him.

How did you lose your God-consciousness and “fall” into the idea of separation from Me? Initially it was through a loss of confidence in the absolute perfection of My universal design. Doubt appeared through the subtle process of reasoning, and pride was conceived that encouraged you - not exactly to stop trusting in Me, but to stop trusting exclusively in Me. The moment you did this, your consciousness began to shift from God-centeredness to self-centeredness. For the first time you became aware of an identity that was distinct from the One-ness of My Spirit. This shift was minimal at first, but as you began to focus more and more upon your “personal” experience you also began to think in terms of defending it with meaningless and complicated ego structures. Such activity took you out of the present moment and diminished the pure energy of your true nature, which in turn, created greater anxiety and a greater need to protect yourself. Gradually, as you identified more and more with your own personal expression of My life, you were drawn into a long downward spiral where denser and denser levels of energy began bonding itself into matter.

This process went on for many ages before you actually found yourself in the Garden of Eden described in your Scriptures. By then you had already fallen a long way from your original state of grace. You had clothed yourself with increasing layers of material identification and had come to believe you were, in fact, separate from Me. Even so, your time in the Garden lasted for many centuries of earth time before you came to rely so much upon your physical senses that you were cut off from the direct nourishment of My divine light. In reality, you were never cut off from that nourishment. But the sense of your own identity had become so great by then that your material bodies needed even more substance for their support. You finally reached a point where you could no longer meet the demands of your bodies without “work”. It is at this point your chronicles state that you were “driven from the Garden”. But you were not driven from the Garden. The time has come for you to you understand this. You were not born into sin. It is only in the illusion of your current state that you perceive yourself to have been separated from me. Despite your belief in a Fall and an Original Sin, I do not accuse you of your free-will expression of individuality. That was my purpose in creating you. You have made it difficult for yourself - and created all the problems you are now experiencing - by misunderstanding your true nature in me. But you may take heart. It is only a misunderstanding which will one day be corrected. The truth is, you are born daily into My presence. If daily you persist in the foolish idea of sin and separation, it’s only because you are still under the influence of an illusion which has caused you to become vulnerable to confusion, disease, aging and death. Now, created by your own past-oriented guilt and future-oriented fear, Satan follows you around like some dark shadow hiding the truth about your true nature. In this fallen state of consciousness each human being functions in disregard of the song of life going on in everyone else. There is no harmony, no arrangement, and no direction. You are like random notes of an orchestra tuning before the conductor raps the baton on his music stand. But watch and listen. The Grand Conductor has approached the stand and is getting ready to call everyone to attention. It is time to stop tuning separate instruments and begin to accept the direction of One who understands the wholeness of the symphony. 

That wholeness was understood, and modeled for you by the person called Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus took on an earthly body in order to prepare the human population for a great awakening. He taught people on earth to do the opposite of what their matter-bound inclinations told them; love your enemy, give away your material possessions, disregard world acclaim. When he finished with his body and returned to One-ness with Me, his followers organized the story of his life and teachings into a book. That book was written during a time of human history when there was no science, no understanding of the evolution of life or consciousness, no concept of anything but the most basic facts of mortal existence. Nevertheless, it proved to be a living bombshell. Satan knew his influence would be ended forever if people began doing what Jesus told them to do. So he devised a clever scheme for using his teachings in a way that would prevent their actual application. He organized a vast bureaucratic structure to interpret his words, and an elitist priesthood to go and preach them in his name. Initially you were inspired by your emotional response to their beauty - but gradually you have become confused, contentious, and finally disabled. You search in vain for the victory and abundance that Jesus promised and wonder why you still can't do things he said you could do. The Deceiver knows well the transformation of the heart that is required. He doesn’t mind if you worship Christ superficially, as long as you also continue to worship your material possessions. He doesn’t care if you give lip service to his teaching about turning the other cheek, as long as you stop short of doing it. 

His primary maneuver for distracting you from the message was convincing you to glorify the unique nature of the messenger himself. Raising Jesus up as an object of worship has only increased your sense of separation and caused you to overlook the kingdom within you. Thus, rather than taking responsibility for your eternal soul you became lost in crucifix adoration and scripture worship. The message of Jesus, to disengage yourself from the influence of man and find your life once again in the Holy Spirit, has become buried under a catalog of religious verbiage and dogmatic interpretation. Many of you kill each other in defense of your own interpretation, flaunting your superiority in the face of those who exercise their belief in Me with different words. There is nothing more sorrowful than to observe this behavior among those who claim to live by My truth. One tree nurtures many leaves, yet no two are the same. Do not separate yourselves any longer according to the different ways you think about Me. Reality is far beyond such childish ideas. I am about to come into the world again, this time through your own consciousness. Look there for my living presence. If words written in days of old continue to divide you, recognize that the time has come to begin listening to me in your heart. There I will inform you directly.

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